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(M2409) Intubation Stylet 2.0mm (Tracheal Type)
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  • Sterile - Single Use
  • Portex product
  • Also known as: Tracheal Tube Introducer
  • SIZE: 2.0mm

Intubation Stylet 2.0mm (Tracheal Type)

The Portex® stylet provides a positive aid to intubation.

Malleable aluminium which allows the stylet to be easily adapted to any desired shape

Smooth high density polyethylene outer sleeving permits easy insertion and withdrawal

Size 2.0mm is recommended for Tracheal Tube sizes 2.5 - 4.0.

Portex code: 100/120/100

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(M2409) Intubation Stylet 2.0mm (Tracheal Type)