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(M1830) Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator
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  • Hand Powered No power supply required
  • Easy Single Handed Operation
  • High Quality Construction
  • Easy Clean Design
  • Includes: instructions, 9mm Suction Tube with Mount, and 6mm Universal Mount

Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator

* Widely used in ambulances, hospitals, surgeries, industry and sporting events it offers reliability and simple maintenance.

* A unique feature of the Vitalograph Aspirator is its overflow design. When the container is full, the Aspirator will continue to function ejecting excess aspirate through its rear outlet.

* Continuous aspiration - as long as required hand powered.

* All components are easily cleaned, disinfected and sterilized.

* Supplied complete with Instructions, 9mm Suction Tube with Mount, 6mm Universal Mount.

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(M1830) Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator