Maritime Medical Supply Solutions


Maritime Medical Supply Solutions

We offer a single source supply chain solution for all medical supply needs covering pharmaceuticals, disposables and consumables, kits and equipment. 



Maritime Medical Supplies

Our maritime medical supplies include medical chests that meet all major flag state requirements and international maritime regulations. Products are sourced direct from a network of trusted suppliers worldwide. All orders are managed from purchase through to delivery. Suppliers are continually vetted by us to ensure they maintain the highest possible standards as required by their national regulatory body.

Our experienced and dedicated team of doctors, medics, pharmacists, technicians and supply chain experts have extensive knowledge on the movement of medical stores to offshore rigs, medical supplies and vessels. With a clear understanding of regulatory requirements of onboard merchant vessels and offshore rigs, we are uniquely positioned to address the needs and challenges faced by medical staff working in remote locations.



Highlights of our Maritime Medical Chest Programme


Full range of medical chest and recertification schemes to meet all major flag state requirements.

Worldwide delivery capability covering all major maritime ports.

Proactive management of medical chest including gap analysis of existing programme to identify potential cost savings and efficiencies.

Inventory management solutions to ensure compliance and ease recertification process and expenses.

Annual programme review to advise of any anomalies or over usage which turns to identify potential cost savings to client.

Continuous review and updates of medical stores against regulations to keep vessel owners informed of any changes or amendments to the relevant statutory regulations.


Range of Products & Maritime Medical Supplies Available

Full range of pharmaceuticals - prescription and non-prescription, including vaccines, anti-malarial etc and access to "hospital only" products

Consumables - dressings/bandages, first aid supplies and kits

Stretchers and rescue equipment

Oxygen, Entonox gas cylinders plus resuscitators and ventilators

Paramedic and safety equipment

Defibrillators, ECG machines, patient monitors and audiometers

Surgical equipment and instrumentation

Drug and alcohol testing kits, plus point of care rapid tests - for HIV, malaria, hepatitis etc.

X-ray, laboratory and diagnostic equipment

Portable water testing kits



We supply complete medical chests according to multiple regulations. 



Please see below a list of some of the regulations we cover. Please contact us for any enquiry on flags that are not on this list.

UK MSN1768 (M&F) & Doctor's Bag

World Health Organisation International Medical Guide for Ships 3rd Edition

International Maritime Organisation Poison Treatment Requirements

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