Prescription Only and Pharmacy Only Medicines

Prescription Medication Rules

L.E. West International can only supply those clients who are authorised to receive such products. This includes medical professionals, companies or distributors who have legal right to obtain, import, resell and/or use restricted medications (Prescription Only Medicines (POM) and Pharmacy Only Medicines (P)). 

A) Private Individuals

IF YOU ARE A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL LIVING IN THE UNITED KINGDOM - DO NOT contact us unless you are a DOCTOR willing to provide your GMC Reference number or are listed below.

For customers OUTSIDE the United Kingdom please call or email us to discuss further.

Q: Can L.E. West International provide me with a prescription?

A: No. Whilst we are more than happy to provide medicine and equipment to accredited medical professionals, chemists, paramedics, retailers, distributors and ship's stores, we do not generally deal with the general public/individual consumers.

Q: If I live outside the United Kingdom, what are the rules?

A: Rules for POM and P export vary depending on country and/or local regulations. Please contact us to discuss.

B) Doctors, EMT's, Clinics, Universities, Researchers, Police, Fire & Military

The following persons and organizations ARE ALLOWED to purchase Prescription Only Medicines (POM) and Pharmacy Only Medicines (P) for certain specified purposes. 

If you fall into one of the categories below, we will need a letter from you on the letterhead of your organisation (University, Police Dept, Research Institute, Manufacturer License) stating the use of the product required.

  • Dental Schemes
  • Operator or Commander of Aircraft or Passenger Ship
  • Manufacturer
  • Universities or other Institutions / Group Authorities
  • Research Facilities
  • Public Analysts / British Standards Institutions / NHS Drug Testing
  • Police / Fire / EMS organisations / HMS Prison Health
  • Military Organisations

If you fall into one of the categories above and have any questions regarding prescription medication (POM) or (P) medications please call or email us to discuss further, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Prescription Medication - LE-West

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